After fierce battles with OpenCV, our robot got a working eye đŸ™‚

You can watch it below how he follows red color. The next step is to teach him how to recognize the table where the tray will wait for him.


Some other images:

Getting down to business

At last we put on our blue collars and started assembling the traybot. We cut, drilled, glued, measured..
Right now, we are coding our robot’s eyes and movement system. It will soon walk, see, talk..:-) well not talk,  it will do its job and that’s more than enough!


In the process of building the perfect trayboot, we went through several different stages of creation.
Firstly, we designed the robot. We thought about the functionalities, the way it would make its work and how its components will look like. It took us several nights, but we worked it out.

Gripper prototype:1397828_545868182165465_1023817598_o

Some of the gripper’s parts:


Are you tired of cleaning the tables after eating? Are you sick of the garbage you leave behind on your table? Or are you just too lazy to do something about this problem (that controls your life)? Well you must not worry anymore, we have the saving solution for you!! The TrayBoot is here to do your work! It finds the tray that needs to be cleaned on your table and discards it, getting rid of all your food waste. Then it just places the tray in a stack.  And done!! All your work is done!